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SD Calendars

Make 2014 a defining year

Use your photos to create a personalised 2014 Calendar
in stunning High Definition

2014 HD Skyscraper Calendar

New! Showcase your year with the breathtaking 2014 HD Skyscraper Calendar! At an impressive vertical panorama of 30cm by 55cm, each page features a monthly grid and your choice of four different Calendar styles!

Pictured on left:
'Full Bleed' HD Skyscraper
$64.95 Now $59.95! + Postage

2014 HD Wall Calendar

New! Our popular A3 and A4 Portrait 2014 Wall Calendars are now getting the stunning High Definition treatment! Each page features a monthly grid and your choice of four different Calendar Styles!

Pictured on right:
'Compact Grid' A3 HD Calendar
$49.95 + Postage

2014 HD Desk Calendar

New! The cute A5 Landscape 2014 HD Desk Calendar is a perfect companion for your desktop. Spiral bound on a Black Arlin Bookcloth 'A' frame, each page features a monthly grid and your choice of two different Calendar Styles!

Pictured on left:
'Compact Grid' A5 HD Desk Calendar
$34.95 + Postage

Create your High Definition Calendar from one of four different Styles

Full Bleed

Each page features stunning edge-to-edge 'hero' style photo layouts and a semi-transparent monthly Calendar Grid in the footer.


Each page features your photos above a large monthly calendar grid with no day-date designation allowing you to use this calendar year in, year out!

Large Grid

Each page features your photos above a large monthly calendar grid which contains ample room for you to jot notes in each date cell.

Compact Grid

Each page features a compact monthly grid placed in the lower third - giving your precious photos pride of place!

High Definition Colour. A feast for your eyes

Thanks to 7 dye-based inks, your photos enjoy a spectrum of colour,
never before seen in a Calendar

Purer Colours

The use of dye-based ink naturally lends itself to bright, pure solid hues. In particular, yellows (and yellow colour combinations) have been traditionally difficult to reproduce - until now. Your photos now come alive with vivid yellows, oceans of blue and forests of green.

Wider Spectrum of Colours

In addition to the standard four colour CMYK inks, HD Calendars take advantage of three additional inks to create an ultra wide colour palette for photo-realistic colour reproduction. With ultra fine colour gradation, your photos can finally say goodbye to colour banding.

Scarf Girl SD
Scarf Girl HD

High Definition Microprinting. Its all about the detail

Your photos will jump-off-the-page and appear three dimensional
thanks to 2,400 dots-per-inch High Definition Microprinting

The Highest Definition ever seen in a personalised Calendar

Microprinting is a technique most commonly used on bank notes to prevent counterfeiting. It involves printing very fine text that is too small for the naked eye to read and too difficult for printers to reproduce. Until now.

Thanks to a revolutionary new 2,400 dots-per-inch High Definition Fine Lithographic print resolution, your all new HD Calendars are so sharp they can even feature text that can only be read under a magnifying glass!

As a result, your photos have never looked this crisp, sharp and lifelike before.

Ten Bucks
A famous microprinting example

The Australian $10 note features Banjo Patterson with his famous poem 'The Man from Snowy River' microprinted in the background.

This is your year

Use your digital photos to create your very own personalised Calendar
just the way you like it

Start with just 12 photos

Once you download the albumworks Editor, you can start creating your HD Calendar right where your photos already live - on your computer. All you need is 12 photos to get started - one for each month!

Design it your way

Simply drag-and-drop your photos in the default 'out of the box' HD Calendar page layouts or completely custom design each month's photos just the way you like it! You have 100% Creative Control.

Hang your year on this

The custom spiral binding also doubles as a convenient hook to hang your Calendar from. With the ringwire bound on the short edge, each portrait calendar page is free to showcase your photos in gorgeous High Definition.


albumworks Editor

Get started in seconds! The downloadable editor advantage...

Get started in seconds

Once you download the albumworks Editor, you can start creating your Calendar right where your photos already live - on your computer. No more wasting time and internet by uploading hundreds of images to a server somewhere.

Create and edit off-line

Download the albumworks Editor V3 onto your laptop with all your photos. Now you can create your keepsake from home, your favourite cafe, anywhere at all. You only need internet access when its time to order!

Windows and Mac

Yes, the albumworks Editor V3 is available for both Windows and Mac OSX platforms.

If you're ready to download:

Get started now

Mac and PC

Make this next year, your very own

With 100% design freedom, you can place images and text where
you want, how you want

With albumworks, your Calendaris only limited by your imagination. There are no restrictions on how many or how few photos you use for each Calendar month. And yes, you can even have Calendar months containing only text. With 100% design freedom, you can finally make this next year, your very own.

Import photos from Facebook & Flickr

Been tagged in a friend's photo on Facebook? Want to use it in your Calendar? No problem. With albumworks Editor, you can import any photos you have access to with your Facebook or Flickr account with just a few simple clicks.

Beautiful Typography

With new Typography tools and new inline ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get' text editing, your text can now look as beautiful as your photos!

Private link to share with family and friends

Beautiful Online Preview & Social Sharing

Get a beautiful online version of your Calendar to share
with friends and family. It's fun and free.

Beautiful Online Preview

As soon as you order your Calendar using the albumworks Editor, you will receive a beautifully presented Online Preview of your project.

Online Sharing

Share your story proudly with friends and family by emailing the link or using the provided sharing buttons to post to your Facebook wall or Twitter stream.

Visitor Orders

Visitors can even order and receive their very own copy of your project - withour you having to lift a finger!

Introducing albumshare BETA

More beautiful Online Previews. Even better Social Sharing. All New Reseller Options

Stunning Fullscreen Preview

Every albumworks Photobook receives a gorgeous albumshare online preview that you can choose to share with friends & family. Now albumshare gets a stunning 'Fullscreen' mode that showcases your story using every last pixel on screen!

Gorgeous iPhone + iPad Previews

albumshare now renders beautifully on iPhone, iPad and other mobile and tablet devices. Now friends and family whom you share your project with, can view your story on the go, wherever they are!

Even Better Social Sharing

Our online previews have always been easy to share via social media. Now Facebook sharing gives you a thumbnail image of your Photobook cover and a brief Story Title and Description - perfect for your newsfeed!

Sell your Photobook using all new Reseller Options

Whether you're looking to turn a profit or do a bit of fundraising, selling your
Photobook has never been this easy

You share. We handle the rest

All you need to do is share your Online Preview with your audience. Visitors to your page are then free to preview and order their own copy (or copies) of your Photobook. We take care of handling payments, production and delivery - without you having to lift a finger!

Set your Price (& Profit*)

With albumshareBETA you can now set your own Sales Price for visitors who purchase your photobook. We assign any profit margin to your account and reimburse you monthly via direct credit to your designated bank account.

Track your sales in real time

We make several real-time reports available that Authors can login and view 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using these reports, Authors can view Sales, Profits of all their shares.

*To understand our Corporate Responsibilities to Resellers - including ABN, Tax, GST issues
and Author reimbursement policy - please read our Terms & Conditions

Aussie Made, Aussie Service

Yes! We make your books and service your calls

Our amazing and friendly Customer Service team sits under the same roof as your production team right here in our facilities in Melbourne, Victoria. So in those rare cases where Customer Service needs to handle a Production issue, we sort it out here face-to-face.

Say goodbye to offshore customer service call centers and being hand-balled between different departments ...

Say G'day to great Aussie customer service!

Call us on 1300 553 448

7-10 Business Day Delivery Australia Wide

Our commitment to you is to produce your photo keepsake in 7 Business Days or less
then dispatch via overnight courier or regular post

We make it in 7 days or less

Our service level is to produce and dispatch your photo keepsake within 7 Business Days from the time you upload your order.

In 90% of cases, we produce and dispatch items in 3-4 business days, however from time to time Quality Assurance issues arise so we always recommend allowing the full 7 business days for the production of your order.

We then dispatch via overnight courier or regular post

Once we have made your item, we then dispatch it via the method of delivery specified in your order:

If your item is being sent via Australian Air Express and if you're within an Australia Post next day delivery zone you should expect to receive your photo keepsake on the next working day or two after it's dispatched. (Visit Australia Post to find out if you are within a next day delivery zone.)

If your item is being sent via regular Australia Post, it may take 1-5 business days to arrive.

You can also track your order online via our Track My Order page, by entering your email address and AlbumID.

LIVE online tracking

Track your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

You invest your heart into every photo keepsake you make, so the least we can do is keep you in the loop on the status of your order - right from the moment of purchase. We've invested heavily in our systems so that you can track your order, live, throughout the entire production and dispatch process.

With live, online tracking, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, you'll never be left in the dark again.

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