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Photo Books

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Wider choice with more included as standard

Our books contain just that bit extra.

All Classic Photo Books contain 40 pages as standard (not just 20), with 150gsm quality Silk paper (some go down as low as 100gsm) and the books are bound beautifully and contain fly leaves (which many have done away with). It all adds up to more book for your dollar. Which is important, because your memories deserve it.

Easy to use, free software

Our Editor allows you to design your Photo Book exactly how you want it. Just choose a theme, apply layouts and backgrounds, and drag and drop your photos wherever you want them. It's that easy.

PS: We do recommend that you do have your photos organised first to make the drag and drop bit just a little easier!

We don't cut corners.

All books are beautifully case bound and are complete with end papers, something that many others cut out. We think they are important because they protect the front and last papers (and to be honest, it's how a real book has been made for centuries).

Quality you can count on.

It doesn't happen very often, but we can make mistakes. When it does, we stand behind everything we make for you. Every page, every cover and every delivery. If there is a reason you're not 100% happy with your product, just get in touch with our friendly customer service team - we promise do everything we can to help.

Support when you need it.

Our Melbourne based support team is there to support you. So whether you want advice on choosing a font or how to better drive the Editor, just calls us on 1300 553 448 or email service@albumworks.com.au - we would love to help.

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Choose beautiful SD digital or full HD photographic printing

Standard definition: raised to a higher standard

Beautiful 4 colour digital printing comes as standard. We print all our SD Photo Books on the the latest generation Digital Printing Presses and carefully colour manage all printing. This process results in your photos looking just as good as the day you took them.

4 colour 150gsm premium silk

HD printing: producing the colour that your camera saw

If you want to take your Photo Book to the next level, print it on the world's best photographic press in full HD. Your colours will be even more vibrant than in SD. We manage this by using 7 dye based inks instead of 4 pigmented inks (dye is better because it has a wider colour 'gamut') and the HD Press has far stronger colour control - it literally checks in real time, dot by dot that it's printing the right colour. And this beautiful colour is printed at a spectacular 2400 dpi. That means you could add text so fine that it can only be read with a magnifying glass.

7 colour 250gsm lustre and glossy by canon

A wider choice of high quality papers

There's a right paper for every occasion. Sometimes it's luscious colour, others its earthy traditional raw paper that is just right. With a choice of 150gsm Silk paper in SD, or Photo Luster and Photo Glossy in HD, we've got the paper choices to match your choice.

Silk - setting the standard

150gsm in weight with a very slightly off-white colour tone and very smooth. Silk is an allrounder that produces great colour balance with good tones. If good all round colour reproduction in SD is your goal, then Silk is the right paper for you.

SD Paper Upgrade Options

Upgrade your Hardcover Photo Book from 150gsm Premium Silk to 190gsm Photo Pearl. Slightly thicker at 190gsm, Photo Pearl is thick and luxurious with a brilliant depth of colour. Photo Pearl has a stunning pearlescent finish, hence its name.

HD Photo Luster

A simply stunning Photo Paper and our most popular sheet. Luster has a gentle eggshell finish, has exceptional vibrancy and at 250gsm has a lot of heft in the hand. Collectively it just speaks to quality. Because the surface is textured it hides fingerprints, it's exceptionally tough (safe from wedding rings) and reflects light evenly for stunning visual clarity.

HD Photo Glossy

The paper of choice when you want colour, colour and even more colour. It's the CEO's favourite sheet, but some may find it carries just too much vibrancy. We love it for bringing maximum punch to landscapes and vistas, or where depth of detail is everything. 250gsm, like Luster, it is 300 year archival and bulky in the hand.

We've got covers covered

With so many covers to choose from, you'll be sure to find the cover that's right for your photo keepsake. Our Photocovers are vibrant and sleek and our Premium Material covers are a stylish, sophisticated touch.

Hard Photocover

A hardcover book that allows you to design anything at all on the cover. We print the cover on a high quality printing press, laminate it, then bind your cover onto a high quality case.

As standard, all Photocover Photo Books are made with a beautiful Matte laminate finish. Or you can choose a Glossy finish to make your Photo Book cover extra shiny - the choice is yours!

Soft Photocover

You can choose a Softcover Photo Book for a magazine-like finish. Printed on 300gsm card and laminated with a micron film - this means the cover stays nice and flexible. Design whatever your like on the cover - it’s your canvas to paint.

Buckram Material

European Buckram White 404/500 European Buckram Metallic Pearl 369/308 European Buckram Metallic Steel 369/314 European Buckram Battleship Grey 404/502 European Buckram Black 404/526 European Buckram Blue 404/505 European Buckram Vivid Burgundy 404/519

Choose from our range of gorgeous material covers. With 7 different Buckram colours to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect match for your Photo Book.

PLEASE NOTE: Some colours may be out of stock when ordering

Faux Leather

Dark Blue Parchment Grey Black

Choose from our range of gorgeous material covers. Currently 4 elegant Faux Leather colours to choose from for your Photo Book.

PLEASE NOTE: Some colours may be out of stock when ordering


Bound your way

We employ classic bookmaking techniques, and technicians to ensure our Photo Books are as quality as our digital printing. We use state-of-the-art PUR glue for perfect binding with no visible stitch lines and customise spine width to your Book. Our Photocovers are finished with a stylish matte and we carefully trim and tuck the corners of our covers for an elegant finish.

Classic Photo Books

Classic books have the valley in the middle of the book with that beautiful wave and fall in the sheet what defines a traditional book. You can have up to 200 pages, more pages than our other binding types, which means your book will be a hefty 25mm thick with maximum pages. Pages are bound into the book using a really clever, special glue called PUR. It's clever because when we apply it, it cures but stays flexible for life and it's super stong. We've tested it on books up to 5cm thick and then hung the book for hours off a single page - the result? Nothing budges (you can watch the video if you like - not exactly entertaining viewing but it proves the point).

Layflat Photo Books

Layflat books... lay flat. It's the polar opposite of the Classic Photo Book - the book is completely flat from left page all the way to right with no join - it's one big continuous sheet. This sheet is then glued to the one following it and the result is a super thick bonded page (400gsm to be exact). The result is an unbelievably strong, very high quality binding method. Printed on 400gsm E-Photo Lustre paper - water resistant and dirt-repellent, Layflat Photo Books can hold up to 140 pages.

Stunning Accessories

Leave your mark

Our Silver and Blind Stamping will leave a lasting impression. Choose the perfect message to complete your perfect Photo Book.

Just $14.95 for all Premium Material covers in every Photo Book size. Also available for all Slip Cases and Presentation Boxes.

Choose from two typefaces and three stunning finishes - Gold, Silver or Blind.

Slip Cases

Slip Cases are the perfect home for your Photo Book. Every Slip Case is individually handmade and comes in our selection of 30 material options. So you can match your cover to your Slip Case or stand out by choosing a contrasting colour palette. Great for gift giving and ideal for for protecting your precious memories.

Presentation Boxes

Our Presentation Boxes are individually hand made and are the perfect home for your precious keepsake. Each Presentation Box is tailored to fit your Photo Book snugly while the thoughtful ribbon pull provides convenient, lift-out access to your Photo Book. Choose from over 30 different colour material options.


Take out the guess work with our nifty pricing calculator. Add optional extras or change your paper type - our calculator does all the work for you!



Still have questions? Ask us! Our amazing Customer Service team are all experts in Photo Book creation. And they're right here in Australia with you. So on the rare occasion an issue arises, we can sort it out as fast as possible.