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How to Auto Enhance your photos for best print results




Have you ever wondered why your printed photos don't always perfectly capture the scene as your eyes saw it?  In this article, we will explain how, in 1 click, the albumworks Editor can automatically brighten images that are a little dark.


The Auto-Enhance (Perfectly Clear) feature in our editor adjusts your photo, so that it more closely resembles the original brightness of the scene that you captured. We recommend applying it to your photos so that the resulting print is bright and clear.



Here's how to use the "Auto-Enhance" feature in our Editor:


albumworks Download Editor


1. With your project open, select the photo that you wish to "Auto-Enhance", by clicking on it once.


2. Then from the light blue column on the right hand side of the editor, select the 2nd tab at the top (it looks like two circular arrows). Under that tab you will see an option called 'Auto-Enhance (Perfectly Clear)'. Tick the check-box next to that option and it will adjust your photo. You will see the changes to the photo automatically. If you don't like them, you can uncheck the box next to Auto-Enhance.


3 (optional). In the Download Editor, it is possible to Auto-Enhance multiple photos on a page spread at once. To do so, click on one photo so that it is highlighted with blue dots around the edges. Then hold down your keyboard's "Shift" key and click on any other photos on that double page that you want to Auto-Enhance, so that they are all highlighted. Then click the 'Auto-Enhance' check-box and it will enhance all of them at once.




albumworks Online Editor


The Auto-Enhance feature is turned on by default so the editor will automatically enhance your photos for you. This occurs once your project is uploaded to the shopping cart. Therefore you will not see the enhanced photos on screen. This feature can be toggled on or off once you click 'Add to Basket' but we do not recommend turning it off unless you have already specifically edited your images in an external photo editor.