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How do I know if the quality of my photos is high enough to use in my project?

There are many variables which can affect the quality (real or perceived) of the photos that you use in your project. These include the camera used to take the photos, camera settings, focus and light factors, compression and so on. As a general guide, the resolution of the photos used is the most common way to judge the quality of photo.

If you are using a camera that is 6 megapixels or above and it is set to the highest resolution for taking photos, you generally don't need to worry about the quality of your photos for the purposes of our editor. 

If a photo is too low for the area it is covering on the page of your album, the editor will warn you with a red triangle and exclamation mark in the middle of the image.  If you receive this warning, your photos may appear grainy and pixellated when printed.  We would recommend using either a higher quality photo or reducing the size of the photo on the page.

Most photos taken on an up to date camera phone  will be fine within the editor.  However you might not be able to use them as full page images as they tend to be of a lower resolution and quality.



Our priority is to make all your products as fast as we can - but never at the expense of quality. In fact 95% off all items are manufactured and dispatched within 2-4 business days. However we do recommend allowing 7 business days for dispatch for those rare occasions when your order doesn't pass internal quality control.


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