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Will my project look identical to how it appears on my computer monitor?

When using a printing process, the photos are never going to be printed 100% exactly the same as the version you see on your computer monitor. This is independent of the printer that is used and is an artifact of printing (not just our own production process).

Because of the difference between the way colours are created on a monitor and when printed, there will always be a slight difference, both in colour representation and brightness levels.

A computer monitor will always be able to display a wider range of colour than a print, as the print colour is dependent on the inks used and how they can be 'mixed'. Many monitors are also set to a very high brightness setting, which results in the print appearing darker than what you see on-screen.

Although there are some differences, we're confident that we provide high quality Photo Books that customers will be happy with. We calibrate our printers daily before we print to ensure consistent print quality across all our products over time. We have selected a calibration level that best represents skin tones as well as natural colours for landscape type photos.

If you want to calibrate your monitor to the print output, we can provide you with some 8"x6" print samples, together with a digital copy of the image used on the samples. You can then adjust your monitor so that what you see on-screen resembles what will be printed.

To arrange for some samples to be sent to you, please contact us directly using the button below.  Let us know your address and we'll get them sent to you as soon as possible.



Our priority is to make all your products as fast as we can - but never at the expense of quality. In fact 95% off all items are manufactured and dispatched within 2-4 business days. However we do recommend allowing 7 business days for dispatch for those rare occasions when your order doesn't pass internal quality control.


Still have questions? Ask us! Our amazing Customer Service team are all experts in Photo Book creation. And they're right here in Australia with you. So on the rare occasion an issue arises, we can sort it out as fast as possible.