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What is the print area of a page?

You can place photos anywhere on the page you like, and it looks effective to stretch an image across a whole page, or if it's big enough, across a double page. However there are a few things that you should note.

Due to the nature of printing and trimming, the trim area around a page cannot be defined to within millimeter accuracy. The red dotted line around the page is where the trim will ideally be, but it can occur within 2-3 mm on either side of this line.

For photos that you want to run off the edge of the page,  please make sure your photos are dragged to the edge of the blue line. This will ensure there are no white edges when the pages of your album are trimmed.  The best way to do this for full page images is to right-click on the photo and select 'Fit' then 'Fit to Page'.

We also recommend making sure there is nothing important within 1cm of the edge of a page. If text or an important part of a photo (such as a person's face) is placed at the page edge, there is a real possibility that trimming inaccuracies may result in some portion of the text or photo being trimmed.

This is the same with the binding edge or spine. Nothing important should be placed on or within 2cm of the binding edge between two pages. As mentioned above, a full page image should be spread right into the spine, but nothing important, such as a person or face, should be in the spine.

This is the same with a double-page spread.  An image can be spread across a double page through the spine, but please make sure any significant part of the photo is not placed too close to the spine or binding area, as it will get lost in the binding.


A similar principle applies when designing your Photocover. The spine of the Photocover will be on the outside, so you will be able to see it, but it still cannot be applied with millimeter accuracy.

The area between the blue and red lines on the Photocover is actually folded over the cover and partly sits on the inside of the cover.  If you place any text or significant part of a photo within 1cm of the red dotted line, it may be folded over onto the inside of the cover.

It is generally considered good design to keep a 'fair' distance between your content and the page edge, unless you want your content to run off the page edge.



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