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How many pages can I have?

Our 16x12", 12x12", 11x8.5" and 8x11"  Classic Photo Books include a default of 40 pages, but you can remove 10 pages to the binding minimum of 30 pages. To do this, open a double page spread in your project, then click on the 'Page' menu at the top of the screen, then click 'Delete'.

Please note that pages can only be deleted in pairs.

Our 8x8", 6x6" and 8x6" Classic albums have a default of 40 pages and minimum of 20 pages.

For the maximum number of pages, you can have up to 200 pages in all Classic Photo Books.

For our 16x12", 12x12", 11x8.5" and 8x11"  Layflat Photo Books, both the default and minimum is 40 pages.  The maximum number is 152 pages.

The 8x8" and 6x6" Layflat Photo Books have a default of 40 pages and a minimum of 24 pages.  The maximum number of pages is 152.  For these sizes, the total pages must be in multiples of 8.

The number of pages we allow in our albums is based on the binding process we use. If the number of pages is outside this range it may result in a quality of binding that is not satisfactory.


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