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How do I copy my project to a new location?

The process of copying your project to a new location depends on which operating system you are using (Windows/Mac).

To copy your project to a new location:

1. Go to the following folder on your hard drive:

If you're working on a PC:Documents\albumworks Projects Projects

If you're working on a Mac:username\albumworks Projects Projects (the user name is the folder with the 'home' icon next to it)

In this folder you will find another folder which contains your project.

2. Unfortunately the pictures will not automatically be copied with the project file.

To ensure that the pictures are copied as well, find the pictures that you have used (you can do this easily by right-clicking the picture within the editor and clicking 'Show in Windows Explorer' on a PC and 'Show in Finder' on a Mac) and copy them to another folder.

3. Copy the folder containing your project and photos to your desired destination (network location, USB stick, external hard drive etc). Once you have finished copying your project, check the destination location to make sure you've copied it correctly.

4. Please ensure the editor has been installed on the destination computer prior to copying the project to the computer.

If you're working on a PC:Copy the project and photo folders to the albumworks Projects Projects in the 'Documents' folder of the destination computer.

If you're working on a Mac:Copy the project and photo folders to the albumworks Projects Projects in the 'username' folder of the destination computer.

5. To open the project, simply open the editor and click on 'Open an Existing Project'. The project should be listed as one of the existing projects under the same name.

As the pictures are not imported automatically, the editor will ask you to update the new picture location.A window will pop-up saying 'The following pictures are missing...'. Click on the 'Find Pictures' button.

The editor will then bring up a list of missing pictures. Click on one of the pictures and click the 'Update' button. This will open a window to allow you to find the location on your computer where the images are now stored.

Once you've located the file for the photo that you were intending to update, click the file and click 'Select'.

You will be asked to confirm that you wish to update the picture.

After a moment, the editor should recognise that the other 'missing' pictures are located in the same picture folder. It will ask you if you would like to update the other missing photos. Click 'Yes' and every photo should now be updated. You will know if the file name has changed from red to black. If any of the file names are still in red, you will need to go through this process again.

Once all photos are updated, click 'Continue' to proceed to opening your project.


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