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I've received my album and would like to order more copies, what should I do?

There are 2 ways to re-order a project.

The first is via the Share URL you were sent for your order. This would have been sent to you via email the same day that your order was uploaded, and is an online flipbook of your order. On this page, click 'Order Your Copy' to order additional copies.   If you no longer have this link, please email us and we can re-generate it for you. 

Alternatively you can place a new order through the editor itself - simply create a duplicate copy of your project, then open the duplicate copy and step through the normal ordering and payment procedure again. 

To duplicate your project: 
1. Click 'Open an Existing Project'. 
2. Click once on the project name that you wish to re-order so that it is highlighted in the list. 
3. Click the 'Duplicate' button towards the bottom of the screen. 
4. Give the duplicate project a new name and click ok. 

Then open the new duplicated project and click on the shopping cart to place your order again.

If you are having any trouble placing an order please get in touch with our friendly service team via phone, email ( or live chat to us -



Our priority is to make all your products as fast as we can - but never at the expense of quality. In fact 95% off all items are manufactured and dispatched within 2-4 business days. However we do recommend allowing 7 business days for dispatch for those rare occasions when your order doesn't pass internal quality control.


Still have questions? Ask us! Our amazing Customer Service team are all experts in Photo Book creation. And they're right here in Australia with you. So on the rare occasion an issue arises, we can sort it out as fast as possible.