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How do I change from HD back to SD?

You can easily change your project from HD back to SD before you place your order.

It can either be changed in the shopping cart or within the project itself.   It is preferable to make the change within the project as the change may alter the positioning of your cover design slightly.

To change the print quality within the project itself, please follow the directions below:

  1. Open your project.
  2. Click on the 'Change Product' button - this is the icon with the double-ended arrow on the middle toolbar (located right next to the 'zoom out' magnification icon).
  3. Choose the product type you are working on without the 'HD' in front of the title eg. If your product type is currently 'HD 11 x 8.5" Landscape Photocover', you will need to click on the product '11 x 8.5" Landscape Photocover' - the SD version of your product should always be the first item in the list. Click 'Change'
  4. Click on the Shopping Cart to place your order.  Make sure you select 'Do Not Upgrade' when asked if you wish to upgrade to HD.
  5. Continue through the ordering process as normal.

To change the print quality within the shopping cart, on the 'My Cart' screen, under the heading 'Book Type - Would you like Standard or High Definition printing?', click the 'Change' button.  Select 'Standard Definition' then click 'Change'.  Make sure the change is reflected before continuing.



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