Easy to create Christmas gifts



With Christmas right around the corner I'm sure you are looking out for some easy to create gifts that are filled with love and joy when unwrapped.


Why not make it extra special and make it personalized? 


Look no further, we have some super easy, love filled memories for you to give this Christmas.


Give the gift of a memory filled with joy.



Photo books are actually really easy and fun to create.

You can easily create a photo book in less than 20 minutes. Simply download our editor or use our online editor, select your book type - such as theme and size and upload your images to get started!

It helps to have all of your images in a folder on your desktop prior to starting and naming them in your project name will also make things much easier for you.

The fastest way to fill all of your image boxes is by using “auto flow” This feature will take all of your images that you have uploaded and spread them across the picture boxes and pages in your project.

You could stop there and that's as easy as it gets, however it's as simple as adding a fun pop of colour or design to the background of your pages or even adding text boxes where you can add a fun comment or title of the memory on the page.

Once you have finished and checked your design simply click on the green shopping cart icon to  “add to cart” and follow the prompts to check out securely.

And if you love your photo book you can even order a copy for yourself!


Our traditional Canvas is a gorgeous gift idea this Christmas. They are created using a traditional method with canvas on a timber frame.

They are by far the easiest gift idea to create. You only need 1 quality image for a stunning result. Or more if you wish to create a collage.

Simply choose your Canvas from the product selector webpage to create using our Online Editor. Upload your image/s and drag and drop to the page.

Canvas Prints aren't limited to just your photos - you can also use your creative skills and add a background, a border or frame and we have a huge range of scrapbook items if you want to spice up your product.

Once you have finished designing your Canvas, add your cart and checkout securely.


Looking for a last minute gift? We always have Gift Vouchers available to purchase for that last minute gift or for that someone who just loves creating Photo Books and photo products.


You can purchase from as little as $20 and within minutes the gift voucher will be sent to the nominated email address. 

Now that's one of  the quickest and easiest gifts around!

Happy Christmas gift giving and have fun creating an easy to create treasured gift for a loved one.

As always, our team are always available to help out with any query you have, big or small please reach out to us either online via our live chat, email at service@albumworks.com.au or by phone from 9 - 5 Monday to Friday on 1300 553 448 

Take care