Save 33% off all HD Photo Books!

JULY 21ST, 2022

Want to save 33% off your next High Definition (HD) Photo Book order? Place your order by 11:59PM (AEST) on 10 August 2022 and follow these simple instructions...


Here's how to do it:


If you haven't already, click “CREATE NOW“ at the top of the page to download our free software Editor, or create your product online.


Create any HD Photo Book (You can start any Classic Photo Book and upgrade either in the editor or the Shopping Cart)


Once you have finished creating your HD Photo Book, proceed to the Shopping Cart by clicking the green 'Shopping Cart' icon (near the top right corner of the albumworks Editor).

Enter the voucher code HD33 on the Payment page of the Shopping Cart. The "Payment" page is the third page of the Cart. You must complete the "My Cart" and "Shipping/Billing" pages first.
On the "Payment" page you will see a Voucher Code field. Enter the code HD33 in the field and click Redeem. This will reduce the cost of your product by 33%.

*Discount will be applied to product only - shipping will be charged in full.


Then, just click ‘Confirm Order’ and ensure your project has been uploaded to our server to finalise your order!


If you have any problems, our Customer Service team are happy to help. Just call 1300 553 448.

Please note: Discount is applied to product total only - shipping will be charged at the full price.

Offer ends: Wed 10 Aug, 2022 (11:59PM AEST)