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albumworks is a community of over 100,000 people who love photo books!


Why choose albumworks:

The Next Level In Photo Books.

Our High Definition (or HD) Photo Books are printed on the world-class, Canon DreamLabo 5000 digital printing press. DreamLabo technology redefines the limits of photoprint technology.


Vibrant Colour.

Get the full spectrum of colours with HD. While standard colour printing uses 4 CMYK inks, our HD Printing uses 7 dye-based ink colour technology, to allow for the most pure, bright and vibrant colours available in Photo Book printing.

Definition, Magnified.

Thanks to a revolutionary new 2,400 dots-per-inch High Definition Fine Lithographic print resolution (invented for unforgable bank notes), our HD Photo Books are so sharp they can even feature text that can only be read under a magnifying glass!

Look Closer.

Traditional digital printing uses millions of tiny dots to create an image - which means close-up the photo appears grainy or has a "flyscreen" look. Our HD Photo Books are printed using Stochastic Screening, which eliminates the flyscreen, and prints in glorious, continuous colour.


Luxury in Paper.

Our HD Canon papers really do take your Photo Book to the next level. Choose from luxurious 250gsm Luster, or rich and vibrant 250gsm Glossy.


Your Memories Forever.

Tested via ISO 18924 to maintain its quality for 300 years, you can be confident that your story in an HD Photo Book will stand the test of time, leaving you free to go ahead and record history within these pages.

The Art of Bookmaking.

The only thing we're as passionate about as your photos, is crafting beautiful Books. With expert bookbinders and technicians producing all our Photo Books, we strive to create state-of-the-art Books, with classic bookmaking features.