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Get started in seconds! The downloadable editor advantage...

Get started in seconds

Once you download the albumworks Editor, you can start creating your Photo book right where your photos already live - on your computer. No more wasting time and internet by uploading hundreds of large images to a server somewhere.

Create and edit off-line

Download the albumworks Editor V3 onto your laptop with all your photos. Now you can create your keepsake from home, your favourite cafe, anywhere at all. You only need internet access when its time to order!

Windows and Mac

Yes, the albumworks Editor V3 is available for both Windows and Mac OSX platforms.

If you're ready to download:

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Mac and PC

Tell your story, your way

With 100% design freedom, you can place images and text where
you want, how you want

With albumworks, your Photo book is only limited by your imagination. There are no restrictions on where your photos sit on a page. And yes, you can even have pages with only text. With 100% design freedom, you can finally tell your story, your way.

Import photos from Facebook & Flickr

Been tagged in a friend's photo on Facebook? Want to use it in your Photo book? No problem. With albumworks Editor, you can import any photos you have access to with your Facebook or Flickr account with just a few simple clicks.

Beautiful Typography

With new Typography tools and new inline 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' text editing, your text can now look as beautiful as your photos!

Private link to share with family and friends

Online 'Page Flip' Preview & Social Sharing

Get a gorgeous online version of your creation to share
with friends and family. It's fun and free.

Gorgeous 'Page Flip' preview

As soon as you order your Photo book using the albumworks Editor, you will receive a beautifully presented online 'Page Flip' preview of your project.

Online Sharing

Share your story proudly with friends and family by emailing the link or using the provided sharing buttons to post to your Facebook wall or Twitter stream.

Visitor Orders

Visitors can even order and receive their very own copy of your project - withour you having to lift a finger!

Readymade Themes

Every Photo book tells a story. Now your stories have a head start.

Themes inside albumworks editor V3

Themes are pre-prepared 'templates' designed around life's stories and experiences.

Every Photo book now has several all new Designer Themes that you can use as an inspirational
starting point for telling your story, beautifully.

Classic | Contemporary | Full Bleed | Time Line | Filmstrip | Black with White Line |
Travel | Love | Wedding | Old School | Blank

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