How To Make

using the Download Editor

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1. Download our Editor

If you haven’t already, click "CREATE NOW" at the top of the page and enter your details to download our free Desktop Editor. Once it has downloaded, you can then open the installer to install the program to your computer. You will be able to return to the Editor at any time. Just look for the albumworks logo in your applications folder (or on your desktop).

If you have problems installing the Editor, see this step through process

2. Select your Photo Book type

Our Editor wizard will take you through choosing a Photo Book type, size and orientation. Our best selling size is the 11 x 8.5" Landscape - not too big and not too small!

3. Upload your Photos

You will then be asked to upload your photos. You can import them from Facebook, Flickr or straight from your computer. We recommend organising your photos into a single folder, but you can upload photos from multiple sources. Click on the white "+" symbol for import options and follow the prompts.

4. Drag and drop your photos

Putting your photos into the pages of your Photo Book is as simple as dragging and dropping them. You can make them bigger and smaller, enlarge and crop.

5. Apply design options

You can add backgrounds, layouts, masks and lots of other design features to your Book, just by dragging them onto the pages of your Book. You’ll find backgrounds and scrapbooking items in the tabs at the bottom of the page.

6. Add text to your pages

Adding text throughout your book is simple! Click on the "T" symbol in the tool bar and a text box will appear. Customise your text by changing the font, colour and size in the far right hand panel.

7. Add extra pages to your Book

All Classic and Layflat Photo Books come with 40 pages. You can add more pages by clicking on the "Add page" icon in the tool bar. Add up to 200 pages in Classic Books and up to 152 pages in Layflat Books.

8. Review your project

Once you have finished assembling your Photo Book you should carefully review it using the "Preview" feature - click on the white "eye" icon in the tool bar. Be sure to double check the spelling, and check all important content is well within the red lines on the page.

9. Proceed to the Shopping Cart

Enter the Shopping Cart by clicking the green Shopping Cart in the top right corner. The Editor will check for any warnings or errors with your project before opening the Shopping Cart. Follow the Editor prompts and it will open a new web page for you to place your order. If this is your first order with albumworks you will need to create an account.

10. Order your product

After logging in simply follow the prompts inside the Shopping Cart to order your product! Add finishing options that are available to your product or upgrade your printing to High Definition.