How to claim our 8th Birthday special offer.

MAY 22ND, 2014

Want to take advantage of our 8th Birthday special offer and get 20 Extra Pages absolutely FREE in your Photo Book - PLUS a free pack of Square Photo Cards?

Here's what to do:

When you place your Photo Book order, you will receive an email containing your Square Photo Card voucher.

For more detailed instructions, follow the steps below:


When making your Photo Book, you can add extra pages in the Editor. This promotion allows you to add up to 20 Extra Pages FREE!

To add extra pages to your album, click on the 'Page' menu in the top menu bar, then click 'Add'. This will add an extra two pages before the last page of the album.

Alternatively you can click on the 'Page' menu and select 'Insert' (or press Ctrl-I on your keyboard). This will add an extra two pages before the page spread you are on.

You can also remove pages via the 'Page' menu in the top menu bar (or by selecting the spread and pressing Ctrl-D on your keyboard).

For clarity, a page is considered one side of a sheet of paper and are always added in pairs and cannot be added individually.

Remember, that the 8th Birthday offer allows you to add up to an extra 20 pages (ie. 10 page pairs) absolutely FREE!

Once you have finished creating your Photo Book, proceed to the Shopping Cart by clicking the green 'Shopping Cart' icon (near the top right corner of the albumworks Editor).


To receive your 8th Birthday offer, you must apply the voucher code 8THBDAY20 on the 'Payment' page in the Shopping Cart.

The Payment page is the third page of the Shopping Cart. You must complete the My Cart and Shopping/Billing pages first.

On the Payment page you will see a 'Voucher Code' field. Enter the code (8THBDAY20) in the field and click Redeem. This will deduct the cost of the additional pages from you total price.


Once the Voucher Code has been applied you can click Confirm Order to complete your order.

Offer ends 7th July, 2014.

If you have any problems, contact our Customer Service team on 1300 553 448.

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