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Can I scan printed photos to use in my project?

Yes, scanned photos turn out well in the final product if they're scanned at a high enough resolution.

We have many customers who have successfully created superb albums using scanned photos.

When scanning your images, make sure they're free of dust or dirt otherwise these imperfections will show up in the final product. You may also need to crop your photos after scanning to ensure there are no white edges.

If you have the computer resources it would be beneficial to scan all your photos at a high dpi value (600). This will allow you greater freedom when deciding where and how to display your photos in your album.

We highly recommend against scanning at higher than 600 dpi as this won't improve the quality of the image but it will slow down your computer and our editor because the files will become very large. This will also most likely cause processing issues when you upload your files to our server.



Our priority is to make all your products as fast as we can - but never at the expense of quality. In fact 95% off all items are manufactured and dispatched within 2-4 business days. However we do recommend allowing 7 business days for dispatch for those rare occasions when your order doesn't pass internal quality control.


Still have questions? Ask us! Our amazing Customer Service team are all experts in Photo Book creation. And they're right here in Australia with you. So on the rare occasion an issue arises, we can sort it out as fast as possible.